Prepared Foods


Beach Food Pantry strives to provide a variety of healthy food options to choose from. However, products will vary from week-to-week based on supply.  

We will make every effort to fill your order with the items you request. For example, if you order whole milk, we will do our best to include it in your order. However, please note that brand names, sizes, packaging, etc. will vary based on supply. The pictures utilized on the site are just examples and are not necessarily illustrative of what we have available.   

PLEASE NOTE: This service is meant to be a boost to your food supplies or to be used when you cannot store two weeks of food all at one time. It is NOT intended to replace our flagship on-site shopping experience which provides 2 weeks of free groceries, based on family size. We are currently  testing the system and demand. So, we are not placing any limits on the orders during this time. However, we reserve the right to edit or cancel orders as needed. And, usage guidelines may be developed in the future, if needed.       

For an appointment for our flagship on-site full shopping experience, please go here (English) Or here (Español) to complete an application. From there, we’ll call you to schedule an appointment to come in.

Summer Food For Kids Shoppers: 

Choose up to 15 items per child.

1 child = 15 items (max) 
2 children = 30 items (max)
3 children = 45 items (max)
4 children = 60 items (max)
5 children = 75 items (max)
6 children = 90 items (max)
7 children = 105 items (max)

There are no products to list in this category.